About Me

I'm a graduate student in the Computational Sciences and Robotics program at SD Mines. My undergraduate degree is also from SD Mines, in Applied and Computational Mathematics. Interesting courses I've taken include

I enjoy math and programming, and I think for the same reason. I like them because of the sense of accomplishment you get when you build something. That's an incredibly satisfying feeling.

Getting a degree in mathematics has taught me some of the most important lessons that I think I've learned. It's taught me how to struggle, for example. Struggling is a normal part of problem solving, but there are effective and ineffective approaches to solving hard problems.

About This Site

It's yet another personal website cluttering search engine result pages. This one happens to be written in Django, and served using Nginx and uWSGI, mostly as an excuse to use buzzwords. Also, I got tired of Jekyll breaking with every update.